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Friday, October 30, 2009

Maoist Bandh Cripples Life in Arghakhanchi

Sandhikharka - Normal life in Arghakhanchi district was crippled today due to a bandh called by the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) demanding medical treatment to the Maoist cadres who were injured in clash with the local transport entrepreneurs yesterday.

At least 10 Maoist cadres were injured in clashes that erupted after a dispute between the bus and jeep entrepreneurs in Sandhikharka, the district headquarters yesterday. Markets, educational institutions and business centers were closed. Local cadres of the Maoists held rallies in Sandhikharka urging locals to close down bazaar. Vehicles remained off the roads. District secretary of the Maoists Ujjwal said that the bandh was called to pressurise the concerned authorities to provide medical treatment to the injured and punishment to the accused.

The district administration office lifted curfew from 6:00am in Sandhikharka, said CDO Bhawani Prasad Parajuli said.
Source: Arghakhanchi Times, October 31, 2007

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Arghakhanchi: Over 70 people sick after consuming buff meat

ARGHAKHANCHI - More than 70 people have fallen sick after consuming buff meat in Arghakhanchi district on Tuesday. Seventy persons from 15 families of Arghakhanchi´s Khan VDC -1 have been suffering from diarrhea and vomiting.

Lekh Nath Bhusal, in-charge of Khan Health Center said that the meat was kept in a bag that contained pesticide. The patients are being treated at Khan Health Center. The number of patients has been increasing every other day, locals said.

Chief of Public Health Office, Arghakhanchi, Chitra Prasad Sharma Wagle, said that additional medicines and health officers had been brought from District Hospital Sandhikharka for the treatment of the affected people.

Purnima Saraee, at "Kali Mandir" Argha Maidaan, Argha, Arghakhanchi - Video

Sandhikharka and Arghakhanchi in Video

PYUTHAN: Benevolent doc quits TUTH job to help needy

PYUTHAN - In a country flooded with reports of doctors choosing to resign from government jobs than honor transfers to rural areas, a maverick has set an example by quitting his comfortable job at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH) to provide free treatment in rural villages in Pyuthan.

Dr Lekhraj Subedi, 53, former Assistant Professor at TUTH, is to be found these days trekking from village to village in the district to provide free treatment to patients.

Dr Subedi said he returned to his home district believing that delivering service is more important than privilege, prestige and income. “I wish to lead a meaningful life. Before that wish, benefits and privileges are small concerns. That wish drives me to village after village. I derive great satisfaction helping people realize their wish to live on,” he said.

Dr Subedi leads a strikingly simple life. He lives in a clay hut in Tari village of Bijuwar-7. His room looks like that of a bookworm, with books and newspapers scattered all around. His attire is simple. He doesn´t carry a cell phone. He doesn´t own a conveyance. Yet he is all smiles.

Dr Subedi did his School Leaving Certificate from the Mukti Secondary School located at Ratamata. After completing his I Sc from Anandakuti Vidhyapeeth, he first graduated as Health Assistant from TUTH, before completing MBBS from the same institution in 1990.

Dr Subedi returned to his home district after working as Assistant Professor at TUTH for eight years.

The doctor says he is anguished by the practice among people in this region of visiting doctors only after falling critically ill. He not only provides free treatment, but also gives away medicines for free if the patient turns out to be someone who has problems making ends meet twice a day. On top of that, he sometimes gives money to such patients.

Dr Subedi treats people in their houses, and, if required, at the roadside.

His daily routine consists of visiting Jumrikhola and Bagdula to provide his services. Those who insist on paying are allowed to pay a fee of Rs 50. His philanthropic ways attract patients even from far-flung villages of Rolpa, Pyuthan, Dang, Arghakhanchi, Baglung and Gulmi districts.

“Doctors don´t even speak properly with patients and we fear even asking them anything. But this doctor (Dr Subedi) answers every query and I am told that he even gives money to patients,” said a female patient who came to the doctor´s former residence at Bijayanagar, Ratamata for treatment.

The generous doctor inspired by Florence Nightingale and Mother Teresa has yet to marry. His benevolent lifestyle means he rarely gets to eat lunch at home. “If I wait for him for meals, I will die of hunger. He has no fixed routine of eating and sleeping and may well fall ill himself due to his working style,” said his white-haired mother Apa.

The son, however, has a different take and feels work is worship. “If I had personal concerns about wealth and luxury, I wouldn´t have come to this remote place in the first place,” the noble doctor, who has also founded Apa-Mukunda Academy Award in the name of his parents, reasoned.

“Those who have earned a fortune may not feel satisfaction. But I am satisfied with my work even without earning wealth,” he concluded.

Supa Deurali mandir ?

Supadeurali one of magnificient hill station and pilgrimage site is situated at Narapani VDC of Arghakhanchi. The Gorusinge-Sandhikharka highway connects it all the seasons throughout the year. It lies 81 km north from Butwal.

The site is worth visit for pilgrimage purpose as well as sightseeing a panoramic view. It is believed that a man was going to India to be recruited in army, he saluted the temple and vowed to the deity of offering a golden chain if he succeeded in being recruited. He was successful in the mission and served in the Indian military force. While returning back home, he remembered his vow of the deity. Out of greed, he went secretly next way.
The miraculous power of Supadeurali brought him in temple and set the Lahure (army) afixed at the middle of rock k to be statue, so it has been a pilgrimage site

like Manakamana, wish fulfilling deity. Gorakhpur, Lucknow and all over Nepal devotees come to worship the temple. Both the Hindus and Muslims pay due respect to the famous temple. The highest peak of Mahabharata range with height of 2515 m. (8250 feet) asl. About 35 km distance from the plain of terai the climate changes vastly, ie, while it is 40-42 degree temperature in the terai, it is 14-16 degree Celsius at Supadeurali. Many tourists visit the place to rejoice chilled climate in summer.
Supadeurali, the old district headquarters of Arghakhanchi is well known for its spectacular view of Himalayan panoramic view to the north including Mt Fishtail, Mt Annapuran, Mt Dhaulagiri etc and broad plains of Nepal and some cities India to the south.
Three High schools in the area are running with the income of the temple. The deity has not only fulfilled the wish of many devotees but also it has been a boon for many children who are receiving education as the blessing of the deity.